Fickle, much?!! by Jill James

I don’t usually think of myself as fickle. I don’t whiffle and waffle between two things. When I form an opinion of someone or something, it usually sticks for as long as I know the person or thing. Only one person in my whole life did I change my opinion and then it turned out I was right the first time. 🙂 So, I find it funny that I’m now under a bruising deadline to finish a story because I couldn’t make up my mind which story I wanted to write.

This Christmas I did a short story (The Christmas Con) so I could be in the boxed set with the Authors of Main Street group. That story only had 800 words before I started but I managed to make it almost 9,000 and put it in the set. So, then we decided to do another boxed set this summer and I needed a story to go into the set. I plotted, I schemed, and I tried to plan. Nothing! I could not come up with a plotline to save my life. So then I dug a previously hiding-in-the-harddrive story out of the mothballs to finish for the story. It is a great story but as I’m writing and plotting scenes I realized this story will be a full-length novel, nothing like the 15-25k we set as the guidelines. So, back to the drawing board. Darn, now what do I do?

What lots of writers do!! Mine real life for a fictional story. So, with my friend’s permission, I will be using her life story as the basis of Claire’s and Jimmy’s story. So, now with the deadline approaching fast, I’m back to writing a whole story in basically a month. Fingers and toes crossed, I can do this!!!

Do you ever set yourself impossible deadlines? Does it help or hinder you?

Jill James, writer of contemporary and paranormal romance
(busily writing Claire and Jimmy a romantic happily-ever-after)

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