Do your characters talk like you?

LOL Apparently mine do. Think you could have typos left in your book? Set it up for production as an audiobook and discover that, yes you do, have a couple left after all. Thank goodness for Tobi, the narrator for Divorce, Interrupted and in production right now with Dare To Trust and Defend My Love.

  • I should always do a CTRL+F to find any organisms I wrote, because I’m pretty sure I meant orgasms. (I do write romance, after all)
  • As and Of both have two letters, but they are not the same word. (Those little words are sneaky. They slide right by.)
  • Even if you say “a million of times” because you are from Baltimore, it is not correct, no matter how many times your mother and grandmother said it.
  • Gravel and gavel may look alike, but they are definitely not the same thing, even if you mistype them twice. (You are still two times as wrong.)


What typos do you catch most in your own writing? Or if you are a reader, what typos do you always spot in a book you are reading?

Jill James, writer of contemporary and paranormal romance


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