Amazon Derangement Syndrome

I love this term. Not sure who coined it but The Passive Guy uses it on The Passive Voice. I was going to link to the Dear Author article, but I decided instead to link to TPV’s view of the Dear Author article. Jill

Opinions welcomed, Jill James

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Derangement Syndrome

  1. As a reader I am grateful for any ebook market because it has introduced me to books that I would have never seen through traditional means (bookstores and Libraries). For the most part I surfed the free book section, finding unknown or little known authors. I tend to lean towards Amazon Kindle as my ebook platform because it is what I started with but I use other forms to purchase and read ebooks now. iBooks mainly but I’m slowly learning about all the other ebook options out there. I know Amazon is looked upon as the evil giant but I really would have never heard of half of my now favorite authors if it wasn’t for them and their ebook format on Kindle. Thanks for posting this link. 🙂


    • Darla, I started with a Nook the Christmas they came out because I have a large B&N nearby that I practically live in. LOL Now I have a Kindle too and I love discovering ‘new to me’ authors. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


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