Lessons Learned by Jill James

A lesson learned is knowledge earned. In science a failure is just a theory proven wrong. Not sure it works the same way in publishing. 🙂

writers clockOne thing I’ve learned is to adapt to moving faster. Not just writing faster, although that doesn’t hurt. Write faster, more product, either to submit or publish yourself. No, I mean the ability to move fast at an opportunity. Be it a group blog, an anthology submission, or a chance for an interview or blog post guesting. Luck plays a part in publishing. Being prepared for when that luck strikes can only help you. Having some stories mothballed on your hard drive, raising your hand (figuratively) to be part of a group blog or blog hop. Being ready for the luck to strike. All these require you to think fast on your feet. 

The Authors of Main Street have a secret project coming up. No matter how I racked my brain I could not come up with a plotline. But, I jumped at the chance to be in another boxed set. Like lightning in a bottle, I remembered I had an old story part way done on my computer. Written in 2005 it is a little milder (sex-wise) than my usual but I think that works to its advantage to be in with the other stories from the group. So I dug it out, dusted it off, and I’m editing a story now that only needs a few thousand more words to be done for the boxed set with the Authors of Main Street. The cover is ordered, although I won’t see it until next month.

Yay for me! Yay for moving fast when I needed to do so!

What have you done to be ready when luck comes a-calling?


Jill James, writer of contemporary and paranormal romance



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