The Eyes Have It by Jill James

Your eyes are very important for everyone, but I really like to have them for writing on my computer. Today I have my annual eye doctor appointment and I can feel that it is time. The screen is starting to get fuzzy if my head isn’t exactly in the right spot and angle. (I have tri-focals)

I’ve noticed that many writers suffer from migraines. Not sure if we are pre-disposed, or we are just asking for them with the hours spent writing, reading, editing, and social networking. But a good pair of glasses is priceless. 20/20 vision would be priceless too, but I haven’t had that since I was 14. LOL

I started out with the big plastic frames and coke-bottle bottom lenses. The only reason the lenses aren’t still as thick is because optometrists have gotten more talented at grinding them. 🙂

Take care of your eyes and get regular check-ups – Jill James

(secret project coming along!!)