5 Ways to Improve Yourself by Jill James

I’m seeing lists everywhere this week, so I thought I would do one of my own – enjoy, Jill

#1 Read More

How many books did you read last year? Up the amount this year. If you read 20, make it 25 for 2014. Reading a good book is never a waste of time.

#2 Read Wider

Broaden your horizons. Read in a new genre. Always read romance? Try science fiction or fantasy. Tied to your books? Try an ereader. Insist on traditionally published? Try some Indies. There are some amazing books out there if you try something new. You might find a new fave genre.

#3 Focus Your Improvements

Don’t try to quit smoking, lose weight, eat better, be a better person all at the same time. You have more hope of achieving a goal if you set “1”. A few years back my only goal was to admit I was wrong. About anything. To own up to it and admit it. To tell a person, “Sorry, I was wrong.” To some it might not seem a big deal. To me, that was the hardest goal I ever set myself. And I did it. Now, I have no problem with it. Pick a goal. Focus. Do it. Make it happen.

#4 Learn a New Something

Pick anything. Cook a new meal. Eat a new food. Paint a picture. Learn lighting skills for a new camera. Take up dancing, singing, baseball. Whatever you have always wanted to do, go do it. Time is a wasting. We are living longer, use it to learn anything you want.

#5 Learn to Love Yourself

One of the hardest things in the world may be learning to love yourself enough to believe you are worth something great. You are worth those dancing lessons. You are worth that class at the community center to learn how to paint or photograph birds or sing an aria. You are worth the time to write that novel you always said you were going to do. You are worth the effort to lose weight, to get in shape, and to get healthy and stay that way. Like Loreal says, “You are worth it.”

Jill James, writer of contemporary and paranormal romance
and living my dream of being a published author.