The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers by Amy Denim

The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers
by Amy Denim

Book cover for The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for WritersRecently I was on a Yahoo loop and someone mentioned they had a blog post by the author for the above named book. I love How-to books, especially about writing and being a writer. I love social media. But, this book promised a coffee break usage of social media. I needed that. So I went over to and ordered it in paperback. For How-to books I like writing on the pages and using highlighters, it also comes in eBook.

This book is everything it promised and more. The author’s voice is friendly and funny, just enough quirky to make reading the subject extra-fun. I just finished Chapter 3 and already I found a tip that I would not have known in a million years and more than made up for the price I paid for the book.

In Blogging; Using pictures in your blog.

Tip — When you post a picture, you can use the caption and the description to attribute the pic. Use the alt text to describe the picture for your blind or visually impaired readers. Yeah, they read blogs too, but instead of reading with their eyes, they read with their ears. Instead of seeing the picture, they get to hear a description of it. If you don’t fill in the alt text all they get is “picture” — boring. More inclusive means more readers.

I’m highlighting and writing all over the pages and I can’t wait to put this tip and more to good use.

Jill James, Best-selling author of Christmas on Main Street with the Authors of Main Street