Christmas on Main Street by the Authors of Main Street

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So, this weekend was spent watching Christmas on Main Street climb to #125 in the paid Kindle Store and #1 in inspirational romance. WooHoo! There was much rejoicing on our Authors of Main Street yahoo loop.

Here is a secret not everyone knows: I was always the last kid picked for baseball or kickball. You know the one. The little one who only comes up to everyone’s chest, standing beside the lanky kid with glasses that are half an inch thick. You get to hear, “Yeah, we’ll take Jill.” And the teacher misses the whispered add-on loud enough for kids ears…”If we have to.” So when the Authors of Main Street had an idea for a Christmas collection of stories I was over the moon. Did I have a story? You betcha!! And if I didn’t, I was writing one in time for the set. 🙂

I had started a story that was a retelling of the Robin Hood legend. I had one page, a measly 800 words. But it didn’t matter. I had been invited to play. So with my husband’s help (I’m a big-time procrastinator) keeping me in line and on deadline, I finished the 8,600 word short story in two day-long marathons of writing. He let me come out of the writing cave for food and potty breaks. LOL

When I joined Romance Writers of America I discovered a world of writers just like me. They had voices in their heads and the desperate need to get the stories down on paper. When I joined with the Authors of Main Street I discovered a group of ladies who are willing to help each achieve our dreams. We post about each other’s stories. We share that all the difficulties of writing and real life are universal. We push each other to try a little harder, write a little more, and believe in ourselves.

To the ladies of Authors of Main Street, thank you so much for letting me play on the team.


Jill James, writer of contemporary and paranormal romance
TheChristmasCon 200x300and author of The Christmas Con, my short story
in the Christmas on Main Street boxed set.


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