On The Internet – What a week!

household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..I don’t even know where to start in what can only be described as excrement hitting the multi-bladed cooling device that this week has been to writers and readers across the wide world web. I am offering no opinions and no direct links. I refuse to add to this mess.  Jill James

1. Shaming authors and naming names — a website has set up with names of alleged review buyers. To the tune of hundreds, if not thousands of them. Reading down the list, I refuse to believe it of most of them. Other bloggers were only too happy to pass off the list as legit, even with the website Fiverr denying it happened.

2. Goodreads reviews and shelves — that’s all I’m going to say. If you want to know the details, Google is your friend. Go look up new review rules for Goodreads.

3. Plagiarism — Seems there is a new charge every month, the latest is up at the dearauthor website.

As for me, I’m off to write since I have two things due by Halloween; a short Christmas story by October 4th and a loooong overdue zombie book by Halloween. (pinkie swear)

Jill James, writer of romance

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