Sometimes Reality Crushes Fiction — Jill James

Rizzoli & Isles is one of my favorite programs. The books that the series is based on are some of my prized hardcover collection. I was able to meet Tess Gerritsen in person at a book signing. So, this is all to say; I’m a big fan.

This week a young actor from the show died. Twenty-nine is far too young to go. Lee Thompson Young was an amazing actor and an important part of what is truly an ensemble show. His Barry Frost was the eager young detective one moment, and the nerdy computer geek the next. He was another young brother for Jane Rizzoli, a friend to Frankie Rizzoli, and an eager apprentice to the grizzled old-timer, Vince Korsak.

I’ve seen online that the last episode has a tribute to him at the end. I’m getting ready to watch my DVR’ed episode now. I know the tears will flow. Sometimes we invite characters from books and TV and movies into our lives and they seem so real.

I know I will miss Barry Frost on the show and Lee Thompson Young in his real, all too short life.

Jill James


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Reality Crushes Fiction — Jill James

  1. I just discovered this show a few weeks ago. I’ve enjoyed it especially living in Boston. I had not heard of the actors death. You are right though – in books and tv shows, characters are allowed into our lives and we grow to like them, enjoy them, laugh at a traits we recognize and interactions with other characters and when something like this happens you can have an emotional reaction to the loss because you have connected – not to the person but the character – and in tv and movies, the actors ability to present that character so well.

  2. Lynn, thanks for stopping by the blog. I do think sometimes our reactions are so big because we think we know the person, when we really only know the character they are playing.

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