On The Internet – Amazon and The Washington Post

Just in case you are the ostrich with his head in the sand (or on vacation and skipping the news).

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon has bought the newspaper, The Washington Post


What this means to Amazon, the newspaper, and the rest of us, is anybody’s guess. And everybody’s guess, if the Google search results are any clue.

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2 thoughts on “On The Internet – Amazon and The Washington Post

  1. I heard someone say that there are two things very rich men love to own, islands and newspapers. I think he falls into this category. I really doubt we’ll see any changes in either. After all, it was Amazon who brought down the newspaper business, in for the form of e-readers.


  2. Love that saying! I don’t think there will be changes either, other than maybe more online content for the paper and making sure eBooks get in the reviews.


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