Summer Slump by Jill James

DSC01843Usually summer is my great time for writing. But this has been a monumental summer in the James household. The husband turned 50, I’m turning 50, we celebrated 25 years of marriage, and the husband retired after 29 years of being a police officer. We had a big party at the Oakland Coliseum with 50 of our nearest and dearest in a private suite to watch the Oakland A’s take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. We won!!

We also decided to add a new shed to our backyard so we had to clear out the swing set (kids too big for it), build a cement pad, and build a shed with like a bazillion pieces of wood and a booklet and a half of instructions.

So, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and back into my writing. Love in the Time of Zombies is about half-done and I’m beyond thrilled with the direction the story is taking and the time I’m taking to write it.

With age, hopefully, comes some wisdom. Things are done when they are done.

What have you been up to this summer? Have you done all you wanted? Or are you behind?

Jill James, writer of paranormal and contemporary romance


8 thoughts on “Summer Slump by Jill James

  1. I haven’t looked at my writing in months. We (Canada) just had a long weekend, and since my daughter is with the ex, I promised myself I would dedicate much of the weekend to writing. I got a lot of writing done, and am very proud (ie. hopeful) of what I accomplished.
    Item #1 on my summer list done.
    Next: win the lottery. (Might be a little tougher)

  2. Hi Jill, I love this post! Congratulations on reaching so many milestones and your husband’s retirement. That’s so fantastic. Still, looking forward to reading LITTOZ. But agree that all things good are worth the wait.

    Besides writing, this summer I began updating my home decor. Super fun. So instead of cream and tan with a splash of red decor, this winter I’ll be staring at bright colored walls, floral print curtains and pillow accents, and greenery–in my bringing the garden inside theme.

    Happy writing, Cyndi Faria

    • Cyndi, love the idea of bringing the garden inside. With my brown thumb I would have to do florals to have greenery in the house. LOL Yes, very happy with the direction LITTOZ is taking and thanks for the acronym. 🙂

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