Poll on Zombies – Jill James

I’m working on my zombie romance, Love in the Time of Zombies, I love watching The Walking Dead, and I went and saw World War Z. I feel like I’ve read every zombie book out there. So the question is: shambling, original, slow zombies or fast, OMG, we are all going to die, zombies?

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance

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Love in the Time of Zombies


One thought on “Poll on Zombies – Jill James

  1. In Brad Pitt’s new movie, “World War Z,” a soldier gives Pitt’s character the lowdown on their undead opponent: Bullets to the body only slow them down, though head shots kill them. They sometimes ooze a kind of black tarry substance, and they love biting humans “like fat kids love Twix.” And as filmgoers watch, they discover that these zombies can hear a Pepsi can drop a mile away, tackle like a Dallas Cowboy in the Super Bowl, are willing to fling themselves off skyscrapers and over giant walls, and are smart enough to use the bodies of their fellow undead as a ladder to clamber toward their human targets.

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