Adventures in Writerland – Jill James

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a control freak. So, the past week has pushed all my control buttons. I’m signing my books at RT in Kansas City next week. We had to mail our books there ahead of our arrival. Complete, not under my control, time. I put that Fedex tracking number in the website twice a day. The time between left Reno, Nevada and arrived in Kansas City was the longest few days of my life. LOL Until later this week. I ordered postcards and magnets from Vistaprint. (none of this is their fault). So, again with the tracking numbers twice a day, because I paid a lot extra to get them here on time. So, they are due on Tuesday. No box. Go online. Train derailment in New Mexico. Wednesday. No box. Go online. Address label lost in San Pablo. Finally, today. Go online. Will be delivered by end of day. Did not realize end of day was 6:30 p.m. LOL

The box looks like it was toasted, but all contents arrived well.

My promo materials have more adventures than I do. 🙂


Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance

eagerly awaiting Kansas City and Romantic Times Booklovers Convention!!