Opening Day 2013

Baseball Equipment Laying on GrassI love baseball. I love Oakland A’s baseball. We always go to a few games a year and we plan our summer vacations to see how many ballparks we can hit on a trip. We’ve been to 18 or 19 so far. The old Yankees, the old Mets, the old Cardinals, and the old Tigers stadiums. To A’s and Giants here in the Bay Area. To Astros and Rangers in Texas. To Wrigley and Fenway. To Camden Yards and Dodgers. To Angels and Diamondbacks. To Spring Training in Phoenix. With retirement around the corner, some day we will have hit them all.

Go Oakland A’s!!!

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance
coming soon: Love in the Time of Zombies
Lover of Baseball and the Boys of Summer.


2 thoughts on “Opening Day 2013

  1. I love the baseball season. It’s signals warmer weather, summer bbq’s and family holidays. My family and hubs are huge SF Giant fans. My grandkids play baseball, and we love those days we sit to watch them play, eat hot dogs with lots mustard and relish. Hubs spends a lot of the family visits with the kids at the park pitching to them, teaching them to hit. It’s so much a part of our family. Every family gathering we form our teams, from the very young to the old, playing a no score game, pretending to miss a ball so the little ones can have a home run.. It’s the time for summer, and one of my favorite times.

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