Which authors are your auto-buys? by Jill James

You know, those books that you get the new release from an author and it doesn’t matter what the story is about. I have a few; Allison Brennan, Lisa Gardner, Tess Gerritsen, Mira Grant and my husband has Stephen King. I don’t add new ones very often . . . until Mary Burton.

I was browsing the Romance section at my local Barnes & Noble a few months ago and this cover just leapt off the shelve. A vivid blue with what appeared to be a drowning girl. That was Before She Dies. A few pages and I was hooked. Over the next few weeks I got the rest of her books. I just recently bought The Seventh Victim. This book is beyond awesome. I looked the spunk and heart of Lara Church. She survived the Seattle Strangler and is finally getting her life back when similar killings start happened near Austin, Texas where she now lives. But, the kicker was Texas Ranger, James Beck. O…M…G! They grow them tall, dark, and strong in Texas. I love the twists that Burton adds to her stories.

the seventh victimThe plot is tight, fast, and sizzling. Ms. Burton writes a wicked romantic suspense that doesn’t skimp on the romance and doesn’t let go of your throat with the suspense.

An A+++ read

Jill James, reader of romantic suspense

Which authors are your auto-buys?

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