Taking A Break With The Husband

I usually try to write a lot on the weekends. No responsibilities. Sometimes no cooking dinners. No chores.

But this weekend has been non-stop. On Friday, we celebrated selling our rental homes. Yeah! No more being a landlord. Got all dressed up, pantyhose and heels. Yes, I own pantyhose. I’m over 40 and my legs are pasty-white in the middle of winter. We sent to Vic Stewart’s; a great steakhouse in our town. We ordered a bottle of champagne and drank to freedom. On Saturday, we went on our monthly dinner with friends. Great time, great food, great fun. Then on Sunday, we took down a tree in our backyard. When we moved into our house in 2001 the tree leaned at at a 45 degree angle. Our street is a wind tunnel and all the trees lean. Over the years, the tree would lean a little bit more and a little bit more. Then, this winter we had a lot of rain and the tree leaned at an angle that had us worried about the safety of our deck. So, the tree had to go. We are big D.I.Y.ers in this family, so the husband and I took down the 25 foot tree, one branch or section at a time with a rope, a saw, and a chain saw.

Needless to say, with all the husband-wife time this weekend; not much writing. But that is okay. If there were no more books tomorrow, I’d still have my husband of almost 25 years. Some things are worth the effort, and my husband is definitely the main one.

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance
and wife to P.


10 thoughts on “Taking A Break With The Husband

  1. Great blog, Jill. And so very true. Because I write full time, I am definitely guilty of taking my poor husband for granted. He likes to cook, so he does all the cooking and since we’re both home, I guess I thought he saw me enough. But seeing isn’t the same as being with them. I must remember that and just be there more often. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Cynthia, yes, take the time to really see your spouse. Sometimes my husband will hug me or say I love you and say we don’t say it enough and I really mean it. LOL He is so cute!!

  2. I had a great writing weekend. I think I wrote enough for both of us. Hubs took over the chores and some cooking. So it was a good weekend. Hope to keep moving in that direction.

  3. Great reminder, Jill! I’m definitely guilty of neglecting the hubby (and kids, and cats…) when I’m writing. They make it easy for me because they’re all so great about helping out around the house, so all I have to do is write. This weekend I did get a lot of words in (homestretch on the WIP, which needs to be completed a week ago, *sigh*), but I took a break to go see a movie with my husband and two older kids last night. We all enjoyed the time together and time out of the house! 🙂


  4. Life is full of unexpected things so NEVER take anything for granted. Lots of hugs, I-love-yous, and snuggle time all adds up, but so does the time when you’re working together on things. Sitting at the movies, and acting like teenagers, or even playing football with all the males in your house are the things that draw you together. So use the time that you do have wisely so that you can write, but also so you can enjoy what you do have.

    • E., you are a very wise woman. My husband is a cop. I never go to sleep without saying I love you. I hug and kiss him every day when he returns home.

  5. My husband was grumpy this weekend because he was getting over being sick with the flu and a rough week at work. I wanted so much to start a new novel that’s begging to get out, but I couldn’t. It was frustrating because I didn’t get any good writing time, but I also didn’t get any good bonding time. At least you had a wonderful weekend on one front!

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