The Excitement of the New Tale

There is always those moments of excitement when the story is brand-new in your mind. Your thoughts are of characters, scenes, GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), events, and the great happily-ever-after at the end.

Right now, my mind is occupied with zombies. I’m working on Love in the Time of Zombies. The characters are a former, neglected housewife; Emily Gray and a truck driving, poetry-sprouting hero; Seth Ripley. I love them and they so deserve the happily ever after, after what I’m putting them through.

As a reader, are you willing to go along for the roller coaster ride if you know there is a happy ending?

seth ripleyemily graySeth and Emily

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance


6 thoughts on “The Excitement of the New Tale

  1. When I’m considering a book, I always read the last three pages first. If I don’t like how the story ends, I put it back on the shelve (so my way of selecting books is kind of hard when buying on Amazon — those books have to be recommended). I have to know where the story ends up before I decide if I want to make the journey.

    • OMG, I could never read the end of a story first. I won’t even read the first few pages. I’m a writer’s dream reader. If you catch me with the cover and back cover blurb, I’m buying!!

  2. I definitely love the happy endings. I love happy!! I have a problem with torturing my characters and get laughed at by my CPs who know I don’t let them suffer long enough before I turn them around to happier times. I used to skip the conflict but since I have had to rewrite the stories and put conflict in, I am much better now.

    I suffer with the beginnings and find that first chapter is the most difficult for me. Once I hit the middle my stories take off.

    • Paisley, I had to work really hard at the conflict too. I’m an old softie. I love writing the beginning, it usually comes to me in a dream. About the middle I have to decide who to kill off so I don’t have a sagging middle (in the story, anyway!).

  3. I’m always excited when I start a new book. Usually, I’ve written the first chapter in my head before I type it. I love happy ending. Isn’t it the definition of ROMANCE?

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