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I’ve had some awesome reviews for Dangerous Shift. They point out different plot points but almost all of them mention how I took something done many times (shapeshifters) and twisted the tale and made it different and unique with the gender-shifting.

I was inspired by Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. I was thinking about Crichton this week. I got his last book at the bookstore a few days ago. It had to be finished by another author since Crichton died while still writing Micro. It is awesome reading. Like Land of the Giants on an epic scale. Or microscopic scale, as the case may be. I love the characters and the villain is very, very evil.

Back to Jurassic Park. I was watching it with my son for the umpteenth time. He is my science fiction movie watching buddy. Doctor Grant was explaining to the kids that although all the dinosaurs in the park were female (genetically made that way) they were breeding. Because, nature will find a way. Part of the dino DNA was made from Amazon tree frogs for the missing links in the DNA. Some tree frogs can change gender if the need arises. Hence, so could the dinosaurs and so can the humans in Dangerous Shift. They are a race of beings who over the centuries have learned to control their shifting. Although some retain some animalistic traits, basically they are the yin and yang of a being, comprised of male and female capabilities.

In Dangerous Shift they are Nikki and Nick and Sean and Shawna.

I’ve started plotting out a sequel; Stolen Shift.

If you could shift and be male and female, what would your shifter names be?

Jill James, author of the Lake Willowbee Series, Tempting Adam, and Dangerous Shift


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    • Thanks Cyndi. I was sitting there watching the movie and I’m like, “Wow, too bad people can’t do that.” It was like a lightbulb moment for sure.

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