So Many Ideas, Never Enough Time

I’m like a chicken running around with his head chopped off. Sorry for the totally un-PC idea of killing animals for our food but it is a great saying. As a wordsmith I love painting pictures with words and that saying is so visual. You can see the poor chicken running around, all willy-nilly, bumping into things, not knowing if it is coming or going. Poor chicken!! I so know the feeling. Except with my head still attached. LOL

The last book in the Lake Willowbee series, Defend My Love, should be done but my mind is already on new stories and new ideas. I’m plotting ideas for the sequel to Dangerous Shift. I still want to write a sequel to my debut novel, Tempting Adam. I have so many ideas for a new series, The Single Mommies Club. I have a few pages of my zombie apocalypse story, Love in the Time of Zombies. But none of that can happen until Defend My Love is done and up. Then I have to format the three Lake Willowbee books into a boxed set and get covers for them as a trilogy. Patience is not my strong suit.

It is always famine or feast in a writer’s world. We either have so many ideas that our heads want to explode or no ideas and we face that evil Writers Block. Even how I feel right now I wouldn’t trade it for writers block for all the money in the world.

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do and not enough hours in the day? As a writer, is it feast or famine time for you?

Jill James, author of the Lake Willowbee series, Tempting Adam,
and Dangerous Shift – available in eBook and print.


2 thoughts on “So Many Ideas, Never Enough Time

  1. Hi Jill,
    I also get swept up in too many stories. So I keep a notepad bedside and in the car. If I get an idea, I jot it down. That helps to free my mind. Happy Writing, Cyndi Faria

  2. Cyndi, thanks for stopping by. I do the notepad thing too. If I can just write down a premise, character names, and any tidbits that catch my imagination I can set it aside until I finish the current WIP.

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