Who is reading YA (Young Adult) books?

The answer might surprise you. Adults 18 and older are buying the majority of YA books (those intended for ages 12-17). When YA book buyers were asked, a large percentage said the books were purchased, not for a child, but for themselves to read.

Click HERE for the rest of the article at Publisher’s Weekly.

I know that I like to read some YA, like Twilight, Unwind, and Harry Potter, but I was amazed and amused by the idea that lots of quality YA books are available and being read by adults.

Question: Do you like to read YA? Or do you think it is just for kids? Do you or would you write a YA novel?

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. Is your why, why are adults reading? I don’t think anyone truly knows, but I enjoy the memories of being young and that first time of falling in love. (YA romances)

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