Dangerous Shift – print

My paranormal romantic suspense is one step closer to being in print. I went to the post office and picked up the proofs I ordered from Createspace.

I thought I would have no problems. I’ve been doing this self-publishing thing for a little bit now, I have several published eBooks, what is the big deal about a paperback book? Ha! I got them out to the car and went to open the box and my hands were shaking. My breath caught and tears pooled in my eyes. OMG! I was one of my romance novel heroines. Must remember this feeling for the next time hero tells heroine something monumental. LOL

I’ve heard other authors say their books are like their babies and other authors say not to think of them that way. But, aside from holding my children, my grandson, and various other baby family members, holding that book with your name on it feels almost just as good!

It is something you created out of your imagination and to see it in tangible form is almost surreal. No wonder we work so hard to be writers; published writers. Seeing your book for the first time is magical.

Jill James, author of Dangerous Shift.

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