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Today is my day at Two Indie Ladies where I’m talking about the joy of self-imposed deadlines, or the skipping thereof. LOL

Jill James


One thought on “Guest blogging

  1. RWA claims it won’t affect general memberships, if a member isn’t a romance author. I’ve never been a romance author in the 18yrs I’ve been a member and always held general membership. They happily took my money and ran with it. The concern on the loops was about membership status of NSRE members. What is RWA going to do? Send out the membership police to give us a slap on the hand and change our memberships? Hardly, our money is still good, no matter what we write. We just have to beef up the romance to enter the contests from strong romantic element, to over-the-top-ridiculously-romantic- elements. At the end of the day, it’s still romantic elements no-matter how you twist it around.

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