Lucky 7 – join the fun – share the fun!

I’ve been tagged for Lucky 7 by Stacey Netzel, author of the wonderful books Welcome To Redemption series.
The rules:
  • Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
  • Go to Line 7
  • Copy down the next seven lines/sentences and post them on your blog
  • Tag 7 authors and let them know
This is from my paranormal romance, Dangerous Shift. It should be released April/May 2012

A loud thump echoed over the line. She jumped in her seat. She was sure that was her ex-husband’s fist connecting with his desk. Anger was good. Carl had always been one of those ‘fly off the handle, say the first thing that popped into their head’ kind of guys. She was counting on it.

“No, things are not better,” his voice bellowed through the phone.

And the authors I’m tagging are:
1. Lee Lopez
2. Virna Depaul
3. Sharon Hamilton
4. Karin Tabke
5. Tawny Weber
6. Sarah Grimm
7. Emma Lai
Have a great day everyone!
Jill James