Someone To Trust by Jill James

Someone To Trust by Jill James

Chapter One

“Honey, it’s just a stupid business trip. You would be bored in Oregon.”

“Evie, sweetie. I love you, but you know you aren’t the smartest apple in the bunch.”

“Evie, where in the hell were you? You know you aren’t allowed out after dark. Only women out after dark are whores and sluts.” 

Blinking her eyes in the dark bedroom, Evie Grimes shuddered and took deep, cleansing breaths. Her ex-husband wasn’t here. He hadn’t been in her life for five, long, peaceful years now. Her heartbeat slowed, calmed, returned to a normal pace.

She turned on her side, hitting her pillow to relieve the residual tension in her shoulders. Cold sweat pooled between her breasts. Sighing, Evie glanced at the bedside clock. She refused to get up at four in the morning just because her sadistic ex-husband had invaded her dreams again.

–Someone To Trust is coming soon. The book is the story of a former verbally and psychologically abused woman who escaped her past but can’t seem to move forward into a brighter future. Evie Grimes doesn’t trust men until she meets Brady Jackson. The former Marine and now carpenter is as honest as the day is long and may be just what Evie needs to believe in love again. When danger comes stalking Evie she will have to learn Brady is someone to trust.

Jill James


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