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Everyone, take a moment to welcome a great writer to the blog…Elysa Hendricks. She’s agreed to be interviewed and show off her great 99 cent book, Counterfeit Love.

Jill: Hi, Elysa. Welcome to the blog. Grab a nice hot cup of tea. Here, have some scones, sit back and let’s get started. Would you date the yummy hero of your story?

Elysa: (takes a sip of tea) Nope. I’m a happily married lady. No matter how sexy and gorgeous the hero of the story might be, and I do write them sexy and gorgeous, I don’t cheat on my husband. Besides I’ve already given him a girl and she’d slap me silly if I tried.

Jill: (giggling, munching on a scone) And well she should, you after all, brought them together. So, would you be friends with the heroine? Assuming she didn’t slap you silly of course.

Elysa: Definitely. I create my heroines as the people I’d like to be in a perfect world. And I think she’d like to be my friend as well. Though I might not be as young, smart and attractive as she is, at least she’d never have to fear that I’d steal her man.

Jill: Of course she would be your friend too. And we are as young as we feel. Have you been to any of the places you write about?

Elysa: No, not really. I did visit Texas and New Mexico when I was a teenager, but most of my research for my western historical romance THIS HEART FOR HIRE was done in the library and online. My other books take place in fictional places that I created, so in a way I have been there – in my imagination.

Jill: I like to make up towns too. It is such fun to put a street or a building where I need it to be. Next, the required writer question; plotter or pantser?

Elysa: Definitely a pantser. I’ve tried plotting out my books, but if I do that I find myself losing interest in the story. I know what’s going to happen and how it’s all going to come together, so where’s the excitement in writing it. Of course, not plotting leads me into all kinds of trouble. I have dozens of stories that are half done because I have no idea how to write my characters out of the dilemmas I got them into. Maybe I need to think about plotting at least a little bit.

Jill: LOL I’m totally a plotter and I still get my characters into dilemmas that I don’t know how to get them out of either. Okay, fun question. What wild and crazy thing would you do if you got a million dollar deal tomorrow?

Elysa: I’m not really a wild and crazy kind of girl. But a $1 million dollar deal would allow my husband to retire. Then we’d be able to move to Florida where the sun shines more and it doesn’t get so blasted cold. Oh, and I’d have a BIG party for all my friends and family, maybe take them all on a cruise. Want to be my friend?

Jill: You get that million dollar deal and I am soooo there. Thank you so much for a great time. Hope everyone enjoyed meeting Elysa. Please leave a comment and I will be giving away two (2) copies of Elysa’s wonderful book, Counterfeit Love. I loved it.

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7 thoughts on “Blog The Writer – Elysa Hendricks

  1. Jill,
    Thanks so much for having come visit your Blog. Next time let’s have cocktails instead of tea. Or at least herbal tea or better yet hot chocolate with those little marshmallows. The caffeine had me up all last night. 🙂

  2. Oh, I loved this interview, ladies. 🙂
    Elyssa, I went to snag Counterfeit Love only to find I already own it. So I bought This Heart for Hire. I saw some fab comments about it the other day.
    Now to find the time to read….

  3. Thanks Norah! I have a several of your books in my TBR file. Right now I’m working my way through the RWA Rita entries. Finding time to read is always a challenge. Hope you enjoy THIS HEART FOR HIRE. It’s quite different than COUNTERFEIT LOVE. 🙂

  4. Stunning interview I certainly learned something ! The book sounds simply stunning I must must must read it !!! Thank so much for the chance to win !!


    • Awwwh thanks Elysa ! Your books are stunning thanks so much to you and Jill for the chance to win !

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