Why 99 ¢ is a good price for a short story?

Because I’m still an unknown author (except for those of you who come here and know me and hopefully have read my stories) and as I said, they are short stories; 17,000 words.

Self-Publishing is not a sprint, it is a marathon. (Thanks J.A. Konrath and Bob Mayer) I have plenty of time to have longer books and higher prices down the road.

Right now I will concentrate on my Second Chances series and also the longer books for probably May or summer of this year. I’m working on a sequel to Tempting Adam to pitch to The Wild Rose Press and definitely my zombie romance this year to self-publish.

Sometimes I feel like I’m standing on a hillside, gazing over the ocean and all the possibilities for adventure on its waves. Yar! I’m Buccaneer Jill (not to be mistaken for a pirate, because I hate pirates 😦  ) Ready to set sail on the publishing frontier and see where I land.

In case you missed me on Facebook or Twitter this weekend, Divorce, Interrupted sat at #81 at its highest on the Amazon Bestseller List for Romance Anthologies.

Jill James

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