Blog The Book – The King’s Mistress by Emma Campion

I have a fascination with historical novels. I love losing myself in another time. I don’t usually enjoy first person point of view but it felt right for this novel. To understand that Alice Perrers felt helpless to change her course of action meant the writer had to have us right there with Alice as everyone and everything around her is not who or what they seem and everything is done without Alice’s ability to change anything.

This book was rich in details to bring the period of King Edward III of England to life. The clothing, the housing, the littlest details of royal life. This book was an AAA+++ read.

Jill James


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  1. I love history and plan some day to write a historical. As a history major, I can honestly say I love to bury myself in the period as I research for my characters. There are so many fascinating time periods, and this one definitely is one. This will have to be a must read.

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