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Everyone, join me in welcoming Mona Risk, a very talented writer, to the blog.

Jill: Hi Mona, so glad you could join me today and talk about your writing, your newest book, and you.

Jill: Let’s get started…Would you date your hero and would you be friends with your heroine?

Mona:  Oh yes, I’m always in love with the hero of my latest story. My heroines have always a bit of my character in them, so I really understand their feelings and reactions.

Jill: Great, Mona, that you but a bit of yourself into your stories. What is your must-have food for writing?

Mona: Coffee– black– and almonds to munch on.

Jill: I love almonds too – protein for brain power. What was ‘the idea’ that started your story?

Mona: All my ideas start from a real event in my life or in the life of someone I know. I never take my ideas from TV, movies, or newspaper. Real life is so much more interesting.

Jill: Real life certainly is very exciting. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, as they say.  By the way, have you ever been to any of the places you write about?

Mona: Absolutely. I only write about places I know well, to allow the reader to feel the different culture, traditions, behavior of people. Describing a place the way Wikepedia or the Internet does it will not appeal to the reader.

Jill: Glad to hear that. Your personal knowledge of a place shines in your stories.  Now that you are a published writer, what is your favorite part about the job and your least favorite part?

Mona: Immersing myself in my characters, feeling their problems, falling in love with my hero and forgetting the world while I type. The least favorite is the obligatory promotion needed to sell books.

Jill: I love being in “The Zone” too. It is hard to promo sometimes when all you want to do is write. When you have time to read, who is your favorite author?

Mona: My favorite author is one that can make me forget everything but her story. I don’t have favorite authors. I have favorite books.

Jill: So true. A great writer can take us anywhere. So the dreaded process question: plotter or pantser?

Mona:  A mix of both. I plot the beginning and the ending, and then I plot three chapters at a time.

Jill: Great way to do it. If you were only writing for you, what outrageous tales would you tell?

Mona: I always write for myself: TO LOVE A HERO and OSIRIS’S MISSING PART are both very unconventional books.

Jill: Very unconventional, but awesome reads. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Mona: I was in a hotel room in a God-forsaken city called Uman in the Ukraine on a business trip, writing a report on my workday, when I realized that this report could make a great novel! That’s when I made the decision to take an early retirement and write novels.

Jill: So great that you could do that so we can enjoy your stories. We all like other authors books as well, so what author, dead or alive, would you like to collaborate with?

Mona: Roxanne St.Claire. She’s been for a long time one of my favorite authors.

Jill: Mine too. Her BulletCatchers are yummy and to die for. So, frivilous question: If you got a $1 million deal tomorrow, what crazy thing would you do?

Mona: I think I’d give half of it to a Children’s charity, and start relaxing a bit.

Jill: Relaxing is always nice. How did you celebrate your first sale?

Mona: I took a box of chocolate and went to the hospital to celebrate with my mother. She was so happy. She read several of my books. NO MORE LIES was dedicated to her.

Jill: That is so nice. I bet she was so proud. Did you have a favorite book as a child?

Mona: Mowgly and the Jungle.

Jill: Great book. Let’s wrap up with how do you celebrate writing The End?

Mona: I close my eyes and savor the last kiss.

Jill: Ah, a true romance writer. Thank you, Mona for being here.

You can check out Mona’s writing and Mona Risk herself at:

NO MORE LIES, a lie that brings a smile or a truth drawing tears. Secrets and second chances with humor, 99 cents,

RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN, What’s a girl to do when she whispers another man’s name in her fiancé’s arms?, 99 cents

TO LOVE A HERO, international romance set in Belarus, 99cents,

OSIRIS’ MISSING PART, a paranormal fantsy based on Egyptian mythology,

You can also find Mona, a great group of Indie authors, and me at

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10 thoughts on “Blog The Writer – Mona Risk

  1. Good questions, good answers. I think your way of plotting is different. At least I can’t write that way. I know my H and H will get together, but those last two chapters or so are a mystery until I get there. I like your way, because I often stall toward the end.
    You also have the most unique venues for your stories. I know of no one else who uses those places. In my case, I couldn’t even tell you exactly where they were. Readers who enjoy traveling should really enjoy your international plots.

  2. Good Interview. I love how you celebrate writing “the end” and what a great way to celebrate your first sale. Hope you have many more in your future. :o)

  3. Hi Celia, my plotting procedure has worked well for me from book one to the last. I need to know the beginning and end before I start writting, and then I plot three chapters at a time. I never had problem with the setting, since I write only about places I have deeply experienced.

  4. Thank you Katherine. I’ll never forget how I did the publisher’s editing my mother’s room at the hospital. Mom made sure every nurse around saw my laptop and knew I was writing novels.

  5. Hi Mona, Jill did a fabulous interview! I knew you liked almonds, me too, but I didn’t know how much of yourself you put in your characters. And I love that you visit all the places you write about. That gives such authenticity to the setting. I’ve just finished No More Lies and hope to post my review soon! Happy writing! Maggie

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