Nose to the Grindstone

This is my new motto for this year. This is the year I produce some product — in my case, books. In 2011 I put out an epublished book with The Wild Rose Press and self-published one on my own. If I can manage that, I know I can manage much more.

I’m aiming for 6 books this year. 5 if TWRP doesn’t like Taming Brad, the sequel to Tempting Adam. So, something like this:

Taming Brad — to TWRP
Someone To Trust Book 2 Second Chances Series — self-publish in January
A Family Again Book 3 Second Chances Series — self-publish in March
Take Book 1, 2, and 3 — bundle into a boxed set and print
Love in the Time of Zombies — self-publish in March/April
Unnamed short stories – self-publish 2012
Dangerous Shift — send to agents
Ghostly Intentions — self-publish late 2012, maybe in time for Halloween

That is my vision of 2012, what do you have planned?

Jill James

3 thoughts on “Nose to the Grindstone

  1. I’m still on my first draft, first novel (sci-fi stuff.) I think it’ll take me whole year to get to the final draft. But, who knows? I’ve never written a book before!

  2. Benjamin, congratulations for going for your dream. I wrote my first novel in four months but I was a stay at home mom with no outside job. A year for a book is a great timeline. Most writers get a little faster with more manuscripts under their belts. Some don’t. The author of The Historian took 10 years to write that book. Every writer has their own process. Enjoy yours!

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