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Welcome Sue and Suz, who are one and the same, to the blog. Recently I interviewed Sue/Suz about her/their new books.

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Big Girls Don't CryBig Girls Don’t Cry is a secret baby story with a twist or two. To learn more, go to or read this interview.

Jill:  Would you date the hero of your story?

SS: Absolutely! I’d date any hero in any of my stories. I write men I’d fall in love with. The hero of Big Girls, Dave Madsen, is a scientist, explorer and adventurer, kind of like a redheaded Mr. Spock. I love hot, smart men. If I can’t talk with a guy, it’s all over. Great conversation is as important as a great first kiss.

Jill: What was “the idea” that started your story?

SS: I wanted to write a secret baby book that was realistic, in comparison to the other secret baby books I’d read. Most of them are pretty unrealistic,  especially in terms of the heroine keeping the child a secret from the hero. I think it’s that’s pretty appalling conduct unless the father is a serial killer. Anyone who would do that is not the kind of person I’d label a “heroine.” There’s nothing heroic about that.

In my book, the H&H are separated by events, and the hero doesn’t know because the heroine doesn’t know where he is and has no way of contacting him, and vice-versa. When they reconnect, the heroine tells the hero promptly. The story therefore focuses on the renewed romance between the H&H and not on the concealment.

Jill: Have you been to any of the places you write about?

SS: Oh, yes. This particular book is set in the Yuba River Valley of northern California, a beautiful place in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. My fictitious town, Renegade Ridge, is modeled on Nevada City, a charming Gold-Rush-era town.
I think a sense of place in a novel is critically important, and tend to emphasize setting both as a writer and as an editor.

Jill: What is your favorite part about being a romance writer? Your least favorite part?

SS: I love being a writer/editor because I go to work in my bathrobe. 🙂 And when the writing is good, it’s very very good. When it’s bad, it’s rotten. If my Muse goes AWOL, it’s awful.

Jill: If you were only writing for you, what outrageous book would you write?

SS: ::twinkle:: I do write only for myself, and I’m delighted that publishers and readers want to buy what I write. And I do write some pretty wild stuff, especially the erotic romance, which I publish using the name Suz deMello.

My fave out-of-this-world romance is an erotic futuristic called Queen of Shadow, and readers can learn more about it at

Queen of ShadowThis book is set on a faraway planet, millennia in the future, which has neither tilt or spin. Thus, one face is always presented to its sun, and the other suffers eternal, freezing night. After I thought of the concept, I wondered what societies would evolve in such a place, and the book grew from that idea.

Sue and Suz, thank you so much for being with me today. You can find Sue/Suz at:


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  1. Hi, Sue,

    Since I also write for Five Star/Gale, I know your books well. I enjoy reading and writing romance novels myself. I agree an authentic sense of place is very important. I also like the idea that you write for yourself. If you love your h/h than readers will too! Best of luck with your new novels.

    Jacqueline Seewald
    THE INFERNO COLLECTION–now available on Kindle

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