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Recently I took a trip to Texas to see Pvt. Tim at Ft. Hood. I needed a book for the plane trip so I picked up one at the airport store. Hidden Wives looked like a great read about polygamy. I’ve read The 19th Wife and several books by Natalie Collins and the idea of a patriarchical society totally run for the males in the society’s benefit with underage brides and multiple wives is fascinating to read about. You find yourself asking questions. Why don’t the women protest? Why don’t they leave? What will the men do to keep them in line and keep them in the closed world?

Hidden Wives dug deep. It really showed the closed world, the cult these women live in. The only world they know is twisted and presented as right. The book tells of two sisters who escape the abuse and make lives for themselves.

A great read that will have you asking questions late into the night. Jill James

4 thoughts on “Blog The Book – Hidden Wives by Claire Avery

  1. Thanks for your review on this, Jill. I’d seen mention of it but it always helps to have a fellow writer’s recommendation. Sounds disturbing and yet intriguing too. Thanks again!

    • Deb, it was disturbing because this is what is truly happening in these cults. But if we tear off the curtains and expose the uglines, it can’t hide in the dark anymore.

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