Blog The Book – Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff

This was a wonderful read. A true historical, but the author interjected modern ways and modern things to compare Cleopatra’s life to. Comparing money spent on a party to a modern equivalent made reading the book fun. I spotted the cover at my local Costco first, but the back cover copy dragged me into the story of the most famous woman in history.

I loved the idea that the author dug a little deeper than Cleopatra was a femme fatale and used her sexual wiles to turn every man into a lap dog. The author outlined the ways in which Cleopatra was a true ruler of her country and took care of it and its people.

It was still very much a man’s world and if Cleo used her femininity to get what she wanted; so be it.

It was a well-written history and a fun read. Always an AA++ in my book.

Jill James