Little towns

I love little towns. This weekend we visited the sister-in-law and visited Copperopolis, California. It is the quaintest little town I have ever visited. There was a city hall straight out of Back To The Future. Actually the whole town square looked like Universal Studios version of a little town.

Unfortunately, they were hit with the recession as well and the scope of planning fell short on adding all they had wanted to. So streetlights march down empty streets with no buildings, and half the businesses in the town square failed to materialize.

I hope some day things look better for Copperopolis and the town is finished and a shining jewel that you could almost catch a glimpse of on our visit.

Do you like little towns or big city living?

Jill James


2 thoughts on “Little towns

  1. I’m with you…I love small towns. I grew up in a small town, and then moved to the big city. It took me thirty years to come back but I’m happy I did.

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