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Please welcome The Wild Rose Press author Elizabeth Means to the blog. Her just released book, Dangerous Charade looks like an exciting read. But, I’ll let you judge for yourself with this exquisite cover and a teaser of a blurb.

To escape an arranged marriage Gabrielle Broussard flees her home to become an undercover investigator with an elite, all-female investigative agency.  Her first ssignment, as governess at Westford castle to investigate the suspicious death of the Countess of
Westford, quickly becomes complicated when she finds herself attracted to her number one suspect.

Lord Julian Blackwell is a survivor.  After his father’s bankruptcy, he becomes a self-made man in Victorian England’s booming industrial era.  Trapped into a loveless marriage, he has survived the shock of his wife’s sudden death.  But now he must survive rumors and outright accusations.  Hiring a private agency to investigate and prove his nnocence seems like a good idea … until desire threatens to compromise both the case and the life of the investigator.

Wow, Charlie’s Angels in Victorian England with a little gothic mystery thrown in. Can’t wait to get this book. Let’s add an excerpt of the book to enjoy the voice and world-building of the author.

Watch out.” Patience warned Gabrielle. “My brother is on a rampage, and he’s looking
for you.”

Gabrielle sighed. It was time to face the music. She’d had time to cool off since Julian’s ill-mannered remark. But apparently he hadn’t forgiven her for leaving him with Elisabeth.

“So what did you do to him?” Patience teased.

“I left him to fend for himself with Elisabeth McGovern.”

Patience gasped with horror. “You left him with that evil hag? How could you! I told you
how miserable she was to him.”

“I know, I know. But you didn’t hear what he said to her about me. He was completely out of line. I didn’t appreciate it, and I let him know.”

Patience listened to Gabrielle’s protests with a knowing smile and a dreamy gaze.

“Patience? Hello?” Gabrielle waved a gloved hand in front of her. “Did you hear what I said?”

“I’m sorry, no. I was thinking about the wedding,” she responded.

“Whose wedding?”

“Yours. And Julian’s. Oh, look, there’s the duchess. I really must speak with her.” She sauntered away before Gabrielle could utter a protest. 

Gabrielle collected herself and moved closer to the balcony rail to study the crowd of masked revelers below. Her head ached dreadfully again. She needed to find Julian. With any luck, he would be ready to leave.

With one hand on the banister and one foot in the air, she started to descend the marble steps. At that moment a hand landed on her back and roughly pushed her forward.

“Oh!” She stumbled and grasped at the railing with her other hand. Her foot slipped off the step and she fell sideways.

Using all her strength, Gabrielle managed to maintain her grip on the rail. She landed ungracefully on her knees, barely saving herself from a plunge head first down the marble steps.

A gentleman ascending the stairs hurried to help her to her feet. “Are you all right, miss?”

“Y-yes.” Gabrielle’s heart raced. “I think so, thank you.”

“You’re very lucky.” He glanced back down the steep marble staircase. “That could have
been a deadly fall.”

“I think someone just tried to push me down the steps. I’m not sure I would call that lucky.” She looked up at the small crowd gathered at the top of the steps.

“More than likely it was a drunkard who doesn’t even realize he bumped you.” The gentleman helped her down the stairs and made sure she was steady on her feet at the
bottom of the staircase before releasing her elbow. “Can I get you a drink?”

“No, but thank you, you’ve been most kind. Don’t let me keep you. I’m fine.”

“You’re certain?”

“Positive,” she said firmly, having fully regained her composure.

The man continued on, and Gabrielle took one last look at the group of revelers standing at the top of the steps. Her eyes narrowed when she spotted a gold mask watching her from within it. It was none other than Elisabeth McGovern.

A large hand grasped her shoulder from behind and she jumped. “Ah!”

“I believe we have a conversation to finish.” A deep voice said in her ear. She whirled around and found herself staring into Julian’s furious green eyes.

Well, I surely what to read more. You can get Dangerous Charade at TWRP and Amazon and

About the author: Elizabeth Means lives in Missouri with her wonderful husband. She enjoys reading and writing in a wide wariety of genres, but historial romance has always been one of her favorites, especially Victorian era romance stories fueled by forbidden love and a murder…or two. The foggy streets, swirling coat tails and grand castles found in the genre make it difficult to resist.

Elizabeth holds an undergraduate degree in biology, and when she’s not working or
writing she can usually be found enjoying the great outdoors.

You can also find Elizabeth at her website:

Jill James


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