Book Reviews – eBooks vs. Paper

I spent Sunday afternoon catching up on leaving book reviews for my recent reads. I leave them four places; Amazon,, Goodreads, and Shelfari. On Fridays I’ll do a review on my blog for a book I have read that week.

I’ve noticed something strange. I keep forgetting to leave book reviews for the reads on my Nook. When I see the pile of books on my desk I know it is time to leave some reviews. I enjoyed the books and I want the authors to know that. But, with my Nook off, I totally forget what I read this week and forget to do reviews. I have a bad habit of finishing a book and going straight to My Library and starting another book.

Do you do reviews for your favorite reads? How do you remember to do ones for your eBook reads?

Jill James

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews – eBooks vs. Paper

  1. Lee

    I don’t review books…I always forget…It is a good idea. As a writer it gets your name out there, of course if they’re nice reviews. It’s all about Karma…


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