Blog The Book – Where All The Dead Lie

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I’ve read all of J.T. Ellison’s Taylor Jackson books, but this one and the one just before it (So Close The Hand Of Death) are my favorites.

In the beginning of “Where”, Taylor is recovering from being shot in the head and can’t speak. For such a strong woman, this is painful at best and downright impossible at worst. To top it off, she is buried in remorse for all her friends who were hurt by the guy who shot her in the head.

Ellison does great characters. They are alive and jump off the page. Taylor, her friend Samantha, her squad of fellow cops, her lover John Baldwin, and Memphis Highsmythe, who offers his drafty Scottish castle for Taylor to recuperate. But are there strings attached?

The isolation and strange characters populating the castle soon have Taylor worrying about more than just her missing voice and which man she truly loves.

I don’t want to spoil anything in this story. So please, get it for yourself and enjoy!!!

Jill James