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My first book by Ms. Ellison was The Cold Room. The book cover caught my attention, I love romantic suspense, and I picked it up. I fell in love with Taylor Jackson. Then, I discovered there were Taylor Jackson novels before The Cold Room. Thank goodness for my Nook. I got the ones before Cold Room and read them all week and then read The Cold Room again to be all caught up.

I’ve gotten each new one as soon as they are available. Ms. Ellison is also amazing at social media and connecting with fans. She was on Twitter and simply said ReTweet me and get my new book. OK, I couldn’t type fast enough and snagged her newest, Where All The Dead Lie.

I’ll be blogging about the book on Friday and posting my reviews today on Amazon,, Goodreads, and Shelfari.

The only bummer is waiting for her to write the next one.

Find J.T. Ellison @ Blogging at and @thrillerchick on Twitter.

Jill James

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