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Ok, after the internet fiasco with the Texas DOT, I HAD to get this book.

Don’t Mess With Texas by Christie Craig is the funniest book I’ve ever read with a dead body at the start of the story. Nikki Hunt goes to meet her ex-husband for dinner. He ignores her, stiffs her for the bill, and turns up dead in her car truck, where she proceeds to throw up all over him.

Dallas O’Connor doesn’t believe Nikki killed her husband and he understands a little bit about being falsely accused. As a P.I., he takes on Nikki’s case and works to prove her innocence, even against accusations by his cop brother.

I had never read a book by Christie Craig before, but I will be getting all her books. I love the background troubles. I love the cover. And I love the story.

Jill James


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