Pet Peeves

You know. Those little habits and things that irk you, but probably aren’t important enough to irk anyone else. Such as:

  • Black socks with shorts. Men, this is directed at you. Buy some white socks or go without. Bonus yuck points if you wear the black socks with sandals. If you are going to wear sandals, lose the socks.
  • Women in business who use their husband’s or a shared email address. You are in business, ladies. If your address is lose the mister, president or not. Especially gmail, hotmail, or yahoo. It’s free!! Get your own address to be in business.
  • Baggy, low-rider pants. You know who you are, enough said.
  • Any show related to the Jersey shore. Sorry, your 15 minutes are up.
  • Every news show that makes a summer sprinkle into the Storm of the Century and every illness the Next Plague to get viewers and scare people. Michael Crichton was so right. Keep the people afraid and they don’t have the ability to start a revolution.
  • Anything to do with politics, I’ve had enough!!

Do you have any pet peeves? Do you like to write quirky characters with unique pet peeves? Do you like to read characters with some quirky pet peeves?

Jill James

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8 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. I’m afraid I have far too many. 🙂 I do like your list though. Oh, okay, here’s one I have to deal with every day. I say thank you and the person, who is usually under thirty, says no problem. Who was talking about a problem. I said thank you – you say you’re welcome.

    sheesh already.

    • Lynne, I think it has become a generational thing. Youngsters are not taught manners at all anymore. My son is 21 years old. When he was a young boy and teenager he would hold the door for ladies. Some would have tears in their eyes, which just says not everyone has done that for them.

  2. You know what, Jill? I just love you. I really do. This post — what a great way to start the day. Here’s mine. The animals (2 dogs/1 cat) in my house have worked out a rotating puke schedule. I know they’re plotting behind my back. “You take Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday…we’ll handle Monday, Wednesday and Friday.” Vomit no longer even phases me…I’m thinking this is a bad thing?

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