The First Six Months

It still seems so hard to believe. Tempting Adam has been published and available for six months today. So many kind friends and strangers have left reviews and comments at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and

Even after six months, sometimes it still seems so surreal. Tempting Adam went from a story in my head, to a file on my hard drive, to a book on a Kindle or Nook or computer screen to be read.

I’ve learned so much since the book was contracted, edited (many times), a cover revealed, seeing it on the Coming Soon page, and seeing it up there on Amazon and and seeing it being bought and reviewed. Every step has been a lesson learned and another tool in my writer’s toolbox.

Thank you again (many times) to The Wild Rose Press and Tori Spence, my editor, for making my dreams come true. And to the readers of Tempting Adam who took a chance on an unknown author. Thank you many times over.  Jill James

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