Dog Days of Summer

Although it has not been overly hot here, (sorry to those of you sweltering in the Midwest and thereabouts. You have my utmost sympathy, my son and daughter-in-law are melting there at Ft. Hood, Texas) still it feels like the dog days of summer. I need to be writing and it just seems like this is the time to relax, refill the well, watch tv, and brainstorm inside my head.

I’m an August baby and I actually enjoy warm, even hot, much more than cold. As a teenager I would bake in the sun at our local reservoir, coated in baby oil and Sun-In in my long, blonde hair to get highlights. LOL Nowadays, I avoid the sun like the plague (medications), but I still love the warmth, the sunshine seen through my closed eyelids, the smell of baking earth. Yeah, I’m funny that way.

My grandson has gone back to school already and in a crisp morning I catch that hint of autumn in the near future. Those are great days with a cool breeze in the morning that allows you to leave your doors open and warmth in the daytime hours to still hang on to summer a little longer.

What is your favorite season? Do you do more during a certain time of the year?

Back of the Book reviews has a great event coming up. Make sure you find time to check it out come September.

Jill James


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