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Origin is the funniest, gory book I’ve ever read. The delicious irony of a group of misfits that feel they belong in Hell being put 200 feet below ground to guard a creature who might be Satan is too cool for words.

I loved all the characters and what they added to the story. The humor was well-placed and subtle, like Andy coming into the computer hub and seeing a priest and a rabbi. All that was missing was the bar.

Yes, there was ooey-gooey horror, but since I’ve spent my years reading King, Koontz, Saul, and Little, Konrath’s book was just one in a long list to add to my keeper pile. Or I guess keeper list, since it’s on my Nook.

Definitely an AAA+++ read.  Jill James


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    • Tonya, horror isn’t for everyone. I use it as a break along with thrillers when I’ve read a bunch of romance novels and nothing looks good, I know it is time for a genre break.

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