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I love discovering “new to me” authors. I was walking up and down the romance aisles at my local bookstore and spotted this breath-taking cover. I love historical romances that tell me so much with just a cover.

I found the story unique and unputdownable.

Eva Black will do anything to move beyond her mother’s courtesan past and help other courtesan’s move beyond their past and become ladies and brides.

Nicholas, the Duke of Stanfield does not take kindly to Eva’s interference of his life by spiriting away his mistress behind his back. His retaliation is to make Eva take the place of the mistress she took away.

With such a beginning you would think there was no way for love to bloom between these two and you would be dead wrong. How Ms. Smith gets these two together is what romance novels are all about.

Very much a definite AA++ read.     Jill James

4 thoughts on “The School For Brides – Cheryl Ann Smith – Blog The Book

  1. Jill,

    My step daughter turned me onto this book and I love it. I can’t wait to read what happens with Noelle’s character! I agree with you as well about the cover and the book is one of my favorites, though I only read it just a few days ago for the first time.

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