Workshops, Craft Books, How-to

You know, all those things you do to become good at something. Workshops, classes; online and in person, craft books, yahoo loops, how-to websites, etc, etc, etc.

At what point do you discover that doing is better than learning? I took a Feng Shui class and the instructor said, “Do you have all those beginner books? You know, like, Romance writing for Dummies?” Several of us said yes. “Have you written a romance novel?” Again, several yeses. “So, get rid of them. You are holding yourself back. Start acting like writers instead of aspiring writers. Just write.”

What an eye-opener. Yes, I was still treating myself like a newbie, no wonder everyone else was too. Yes, there are great craft books for different parts of writing, or whatever your enjoyment is, but once you are no longer a beginner, get rid of the beginner books. Let someone else discover them and see if they want to be a writer, photographer, artist, whatever.

If you have discovered your method of doing your craft, plotter or pantser, spreadsheets to plot or a simple outline, 20 page synopsis or a 1 page ‘this is what happens’, stop taking classes that show a new way. Your way works, embrace it. If it isn’t working, for sure, take a class to rejuvenate your muse, to learn a new way to do things. Something may click.

The old adage is so true; if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

Are you stuck in a rut of learning instead of doing? Just do it!! Jill James

**I’m also at AJ Nuest’s blog today talking about Tempting Adam**


6 thoughts on “Workshops, Craft Books, How-to

  1. WTG!! Wonderful for the workshop and Feng Shui teacher to tell you that! I try to keep my house in good harmony and align my rooms with the way of my bagua! I even talk about karma, bagua in most of my novels.

    • Tonya, Bella Andre was an amazing instructor for Feng Shui. She said she believed it shouldn’t be expensive. That you should be able to do it with the things you already own, just rearrange them.

  2. AMEN, Jill! I love this post. There comes a point where enough is enough. Decide what you’re doing and just do it already! Another thing is RULES! I swear sometimes if I learn one more writing “rule” my head is going to POP. Sure, it’s important we all write to the best of our ability, to show not tell, stay in the right perspective and limit our uise of adverbs, but sometimes so many rules are swimming around in my head, I have trouble writing what should be the easiest sentence! Times like those I ball up the rules and throw them out the window. Thanks for sharing! And for letting me rant! LOL!

  3. This is really interesting topic. I rarely read how to books on writing, or take any on-line courses, for the reason, it just slows me down and causes me to question to much of what I’m doing wrong, instead of what I’m doing write. I got rid of bags of how to write books a few months ago, for that reason. All they did for me, was keep me from writing.

    • Lee, so true. I find I’m taking classes now about being an author as opposed to being a writer, unless it is something I don’t do yet, like romantic suspense or comedy. Something new I would like to learn. And I can always use a grammar class. LOL

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