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Okay, for my first blog post of Blog the Writer I chose D.D. Scott, an amazing author and marketing expert extraordinaire. She can be found at The Naked Hero and The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing. She is currently the author of three fun books; a cross of Urban Cowboy and Sex & the City. She also has a great writer’s help book about Muse Therapy and knows all about indie publishing having worked her way from the ground up to make herself an Indie Star.

Check out D.D. at her blogs and her Amazon Author Page.

Jill James

4 thoughts on “D. D. Scott – Blog The Writer

  1. Very cool! I love D.D. She’s an inspiration to all writers and my go-to soul sister!! she’s not only a great writer, but an awesome friend!! Her books will have you laughing and wanting more when you are finished!!


    1. Tonya, I don’t have D.D.’s books yet. Need some of that pesky thing called money added to my book-buying gift card. LOL They are next on my list.


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