Alpha vs. Beta

I know all about Alpha males. I’m surrounded by them; my husband, my son, and my grandson. I even have my Alpha female moments.

Alphas in romance novels are firefighters, police officers, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, any position where they have to be in charge.

Betas are a little harder to find; professors, computer geeks, intellectuals and those in non-traditional male roles; kindergarten teacher or male nurse. Once an author mentioned NBC’s Chuck as the perfect Beta. He is a computer geek who does not go looking for confrontation and will run away from it if at all possible. BUT, he will step up to the plate if necessary.

Add Falling Skies, Tom Mason as played by Noah Wylie to the list. He starts out as a true Beta, a history professor at a college. After the aliens attack he steps up to the plate. He will die to defend his sons and the people he is put in charge of by the military leader. I think this show is going to show excellent character development of his role.

A true Beta will try to use diplomacy, tact, logic. When those fail he will learn to kick ass to defend what is his. Not too bad of a guy to have in a fight.

Do you like Alphas or Betas? In books or movies? In real life?

Jill James


4 thoughts on “Alpha vs. Beta

  1. I actually think most of my heros start Beta and end with an Alpha flourish! A couple of full fledged Alphas have snuck into stories, though. I do, however, believe the Betas have more complex personalities.

    • Jannine, thanks for stopping by. I do think Betas are more complex. They think things through before they act. They can have complicated backgrounds that force them to be more gentle and understanding.

  2. I’m a self-proclaimed “Alpha”, as arrogant as it sounds on a text box, and I’d also like to consider myself a student of life, learning more and more every day (or at least trying to). No one here gets out alive, so I say be a leader and resist the temptations to be a follower (Beta) along the journey of this thing we call ‘life’.

    Have a nice night, Jill.

  3. Troy, doesn’t sound arrogant at all. We need Alphas to be leaders and they need Betas or they would have no followers. My friend’s husband is a Gamma. Which is an Alpha when he needs to be, but can be a mellow Beta the rest of the time. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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