Feed – Mira Grant

I love zombie movies and zombie books. I had been hearing a lot online about Feed by Mira Grant. I’m so glad I picked up this book. The main part of the book takes place in Northern California and it was so awesome to read about Berkley, Santa Cruz, and Discovery Bay, all places I’m immensely familiar with.

I was surprised to find the book in Science Fiction. I really expected to find it in Young Adult. The main characters; George and her brother, Shaun, and their friend Buffy are young 20-somethings.

The reference to pop culture and the zombiemania as a whole were awesome.  I adore that George Romero and his movies are the savior of lots of people. How cool is that?!!

I loved how Ms. Grant used a slightly futuristic post-apocalyptic world to showcase our current world, politics, and government as banal and dangerous at the same time.

The world she imagined and brought to the page is all too real with bloggers being the news media to the world and zombies not even the most dangerous thing to fear in a world with regulations, guidelines, and endless blood testing to keep the public in fear and in check.

Definitely an A++ read and I already have the second book, Deadline, in the Newsflesh trilogy.

Jill James


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