Hearts In Darkness – Laura Kaye

So, recently it seemed everywhere I turned I was reading about this new release, Hearts In Darkness. It was like getting 5 stars, 5 teacups, 5 whatevers…everywhere.

I won a DigiBookCafe gift card and decided to try out Laura Kaye’s book.

First, I was like “What? Only 87 pages on my Nook. Then, I was thrust into the story of Caden Grayson and MaKenna James, literally as MaKenna stumbles into an elevator and the lights go out. It was sweet. It was hot. It was so darn erotic I wiggled in my seat. I wanted to jump my husband.

I was in the dark with them. I was exploring and getting to know a hottie of the opposite sex. I was with them as they learned so much about each other without the outer shell we show to the world. I loved this story. I adored that they were not the traditional ‘perfect’ people.

By the time I reached The End I was like “What? That was 87 pages? Seemed like hundreds. Like a whole long novel. I was swept away with the passion, the heat, the butterflies in the stomach of first getting to know someone.

Unfortunately, I don’t do teacups, kisses, or whatever. But Laura Kaye’s Hearts In Darkness is definitely an A++ read and a keeper in my Nook.

You can get Hearts in Darkness at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

Jill James


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