Juneuary. That is what our newscasters are calling our Northern California weather this year. Meaning January in June. It has been in the 60’s, barely, rain, cold, dismal, dreary.

My husband watches baseball games from across the country. I swear everyone is getting better weather than we are in Sunny (Ha!) California.

The weather is having an awful effect on my writing. As in none. I am tired all the time. I’m taking naps. I know it is the seasonal blues, but they aren’t supposed to happen in June. In California!!

Any suggestions to boost my mood and my writing? Thanks, Jill

4 thoughts on “Juneuary?

  1. Maybe I can send you a container filled with some of our southwest Florida steam. It hit 98 degrees yesterday – humidity 92%. You could forward a little Juneuary this way, please. Hmmmm, my human doesn’t write romance, but says you have a great title for one in Juneuary. Two people meet at an ocean front resort, forced together by the rain and unseasonable cold, and inspite of their age differential, marriage status, etc……you fill in the blank.

    • Sandy, love the avatar pic. What a cutie!! Love the story idea. I wish the weather everywhere would just cooperate a little. Rain for those who need it, not so much for the rest of us. Weather in a bottle? That would be so cool.

  2. I always hate that weather, even in California when we still lived there, Jill. But why not try to put on Beach Boy music? Surround yourself in spring/summer. Put your spring decorations out, close the blinds and put up sunny pictures and happy music (to drown out to music of Mother Nature). It won’t be the same, but it might help you trick your muse into thinking it’s sunny weather. Hope it clears up soon.

    • Calisa, great ideas. Today is at least sunny, but still very chilly. So maybe I’ll drown out the sound of the heater gearing on and off and pretend it is actually summer here. hahahaha

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